33 YEARS: David’s Reign of 33 yrs. – Messiah’s 33-yr. “Cut Off” – Ezekiel’s 33 Years & the Holy City/District

33 YEARS: David’s Reign of 33 yrs. – Messiah’s 33-yr. “Cut Off” – Ezekiel’s 33 Years & the Holy City/District

King David Reigned Over the United Kingdom of Israel from Jerusalem for 33 Years
2 Samuel 5:5; 1 Kings 2:11; 1 Chronicles 29:27

The 33-year reign of King David from the City of David is found in 1 King 2:11: “The period that David reigned over Israel was forty years; seven years he reigned in Hebron, and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty-three years.”

This author, along with scores of other Biblical researchers, has determined that the ministry of Jesus was some 3.5 years or 1,260 days, or “time, times and half a time” as well as 42 months.  In Luke 3:23 it states: “Now Jesus Himself began His ministry at about thirty years of age . . . “  

The reckoning below determines the number of feast days Jesus attended in the book of John. Jesus’ attendance at these feasts demands at least a 3.5-year ministry.  If we are to assume that Jesus commenced His earthly ministry at the baptism of John in John 1:29 and John 1:35 (2 separate days) on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement (10 Tishrei – the fall season) – then Jesus would have been participating in at least 4 separate Passovers, the Feast of Tabernacles and the Feast of Dedication/Hanukkah, as follows:

  • Day of Atonement – Jesus begins His “ministry” (10 Tishrei – Fall Season in 29 AD – Julian Calendar)

6 months to His 1st Passover…John 1:29, 35

  • Jesus’ First Passover – (14 Nisan – Spring Season in 30 AD)

12 months to 2nd Passover…John 2:13, 23

  • Jesus’ Second Passover – (14 Nisan – Spring Season in 31 AD)

12 months to 3rd Passover…John 5:1

  • Jesus’ Third Passover – (14 Nisan – Spring Season in 32 AD)

6 months to the Feast of Tabernacles…John 6:4

  • Jesus’ Feast of Tabernacles – (15 Tishrei – Fall Season in 32 AD)

70 days to the Feast of Dedication…John 7:2

  • Jesus’ Feast of Dedication – (24/25 Kislev – Winter of 32 AD)

110 days to Jesus’ 4th and Final Passover…John 10:22 [70 days (15 Tishrei to 24/25 Kislev) + 110 days (from 24/25 Kislev to 13/14 Nisan) = 180 days = 6 months]

Total:  6 months (29-30 AD) + 12 months (30-31 AD) + 12 months (31-32 AD) + 6 months (32 AD) + 6 months (70 days + 110 days = 180 days = 6 months – 32-33 AD) = 3 ½ years (or 42 months or 1,260 days or “3 1/2 days” seen as “years” according to Daniel’s 70th Weeks Vision)

In that Jesus’ ministry extended over a period of 3 ½ years or 42 months—naturally, we see various mathematical  fractals/resemblances seen in the 70th Week of Daniel in which the first half of the Week is 1,260 days or 42 months and the latter half of the Week is the same for a total of 1,260 days + 1,260 days = 2,520 days or 7 days/ 1 heptad (7s) or 7 Years = 1 Week. Even so we have the 42 months of Jesus’ ministry on earth with the “Passion Week” from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday Morning being another expression of the Week – 3 1/2 days (Palm Sunday to Passover Preparation Day on Wednesday) and another 3 1/2 days (Passover until Resurrection Sunday morning or Nisan 10 to Nisan 17 – Sunday to Sunday).

There now is sufficient evidence that would indicate Jesus’ birth occurred in the spring, on Passover in 1 BC (See Footnote #1 at the end of this missive) – using “astronomical time” where 1 BC is a full 12-month year and 1 AD is a full 12-month year); therefore, at the end of 1 BC (December) Jesus is now 9 months of age (Spring to Winter = 9 months). Again, Jesus’ “ministry” commences at the age of 29, according to Luke 3:23: “Now Jesus Himself began His ministry at about thirty years of age” – yes, 29 years + 9 months of age on Tishrei 10, the Day of Atonement: “Behold the Lamb of God” –

Jesus continues in age from 1 AD through to the end of 32 AD and is now 9 months and 32 years of age at the end of 32 AD.  Since “Messiah the Prince” was “cut off” (crucified–Daniel 9:26) on Passover Preparation Day, 13 Nisan, in 33 AD that would have added an additional 3 months to His 32 years and 9 months of age – consequently, Jesus would have died at precisely 33 years of age – on His 33rd birthday in 33 AD, having lived an “earthly” life a full 32 years.

Jesus “owns” the “33” – both His age and the year of 33 AD.  Your local Free Mason Lodge does NOT own the “33” (just so you know – they tried to hijack it).

Thus, Jesus’ “33” and the year of 33 AD, as well as King David’s reign from Jerusalem from the City of David for 33 years comport with one another; along with the 33 years which elapsed between (see below) between the commencement of Judah’s Babylonian captivity in 607 BC unto 574 BC the year (574 BC) in which Ezekiel’s 25th year of Ezekiel’s personal captivity (or from 599 BC to 574 BC).

Furthermore, this “33” is not only seen in the Lion of the Tribe of Judah – KING DAVID and viewed in “David My Servant” in Ezekiel 34:23-24; 37:24-25 – but is also seen in the 33 years separating Judah’s Captivity commencing in 607 BC unto 574 BC (i.e., 607 – 574 = 33 years). Revelation 5:5: “And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

We are able to ascertain these 33 years – from Ezekiel 40:1: “In the twenty-fifth year of our captivity, at the beginning of the year, on the tenth day of the month, in the fourteenth year after the city (i.e., Jerusalem) was captured (i.e., fell), on the very same day the hand of the LORD was upon me; and He took me there . . . [and Ezekiel saw] . . . something like a city (the Holy District).

How’s that?  First of all, we must calculate that the fall of Jerusalem under the siege of King Nebuchadnezzar was in 587/586 BC – the siege having begun several years prior to this date cir. 589/588 BC – however, 587/586 BC are the traditional dates given for the 9th of AV – the Fall of Jerusalem.

The “25 years captivity” would then find itself 25 years less 14 years = 11 years would have to be “added on” to arrive at 25 years (14 years + 11 years = 25 years).  Therefore, we must count an additional 11 years from 587/586 BC (the Fall of Jerusalem) and arrive at 598/597 BC (587 BC + 11 years = 598 BC) – the beginning of, at least, Ezekiel’s personal captivity. 

This will give us the full “25 years captivity spoken of in Ezekiel 40:1 (“In the twenty-fifth year of our captivity . . . in the fourteenth year after the city was captured”).  Furthermore, those years (598/597 BC) would have been the year(s) in which Ezekiel was taken into his personal captivity—after the initial deportations of Daniel and the “lads” in 608/607 BC . . . for there were a number assaults by the Babylonians upon Judah (2 Kings 24:1 – Nebuchadnezzar’s first assault). 

Simply put – Ezekiel’s 25 years at their maximum end in the year 599/598 BC (599 less 25 years = 573/572 BC – the year Ezekiel saw the vision of the Holy City/District in the year 573 BC (some 25 years from his own captivity)–Ezekiel 40:1.

If Ezekiel’s Captivity commenced in the year 598/9 BC @ 25 years (14 years from the 587/586 date of the Fall of Jerusalem or 573 + 14 + 11 = 598/99 BC – then we would simply calculate an additional 8 years to arrive at 33 years or 598/9 + 8 years = 607 BC (the Fall of Jerusalem).  I realize that these dates have sundry months wherein some years are but 3 months and other years 10 months (but are considered a full year regardless of how many months of that particular year), etc. – consequently, they are “hard to follow” but result in the same total 33 years and/or “up to precisely 33—i.e., 32 full years—much like Jesus’ full 32 years up to 33 years of age.

All this to say that if the initial Babylonian Captivity of 70 years for Judah was from 608/607 BC unto the Decree of the Persia King Cyrus in 538/537 BC, we arrive at the full 70-year Captivity of Judah (See:  Jeremiah 29:10; 2 Kings 24:12-16; Daniel 1:1-3, 6; Ref. 2 Chron. 36:10; 2 Chron. 36:22-23; Ezra 1:1-4; Isa. 44:28); NOTE:  The “Hebrew Calendar vs. other calendars CONSTRICTS the dates; therefore, 605 BC is extended 2 years unto 608/607 BC). (Also:  Please note John Pratt’s complimentary accounting of the 70-year captivity @ Footnote #1)

Whereas, Ezekiel’s Vision of the Holy City/District took place 14 years after the Fall of Jerusalem in 587/586 BC less the 14 years unto 574/573 BC — then it is more than reasonable to conclude that 33 years transpired between 608/607 BC (i.e., the initial attack by then Viceroy Nebuchadnezzar against Judah) and 574/573 BC (the year that Ezekiel saw the vision of the Holy City/Holy District.  Put another way: 607 BC less 33 years = 574 BC) – it’s just that profoundly simple.

This would highlight God’s ultimate plan and purpose for the ages validated in both Testaments of the Earthly and Heavenly – multi-dimensional New Jerusalem!  Her vision as seen by Ezekiel includes the names of the 12 tribes of Israel—just as John, the Revelator’s vision of the Holy City (Ezekiel 48:30-35; Rev. 21:12) – with the addition in the Revelation of the “heavenly component” being the names of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb for a  total of “24” (12 Gates bearing the names of the 12 Tribes of Israel and 12  Foundations bearing the names of the 12 Apostles of the Lamb [Rev. 21:14]).

What I am suggesting is this:  KING David’s Rule and Reign from the City of David for 33 years expresses the UNITED KINGDOM OF DAVID wherein both Judah and Israel (Ephraim) were united under the “Tabernacle of David” (Acts 15:14-17; Amos 9:11-12).  That UNITED KINGDOM is prophetically brought back under DAVID MY SERVANT in Ezekiel 34:23-24; 37:24-25 via the “Covenant of Peace” between the House of Judah and the House of Israel – Judah and Ephraim – the Two Sticks in the Hand of the Lord. Now envisioned within the 33 years of Judah’s exile from 607 BC to 574 BC when Ezekiel saw the vision of the Holy City/District is yet another confirmation of the importance of the “33” in revealing divine truth.

Furthermore, the captivity of Judah in 608/607 BC had in view the ultimate manifestation of the New Jerusalem’s possession of the Earth “14 years” after the Fall of Jerusalem in 587 BC or in 574 BC.  The number set of “14” connotes KINGSHIP (See Matthew 1:17). 

These 33 years (viz., 607 BC to 574 BC) declare that the Holy City/District as seen by Ezekiel can only come about by the manifestation of the UNITED KINGDOM OF DAVID under DAVID MY SERVANT which is Messiah’s 33 years of age/33 AD.

This incredible composition of “33s” from David’s Rule and Reign over Judah and Israel from the City of David – through the Vision of the Holy City/District some 33 years after the initial captivity of Judah – unto Messiah’s 33 is simply breathtaking and demonstrates the absolute use of numbers to declare the Divine Intention – the very Person and Work of the Son of God/Son of Man!

In essence we are viewing 3 sets of 33 years.  A prophetic year is equal to 360 days; however, the rotation of the earth around our sun is 360 degrees (and that is a constant–her elliptical orbit).  If we multiply 33 years X 360 degrees, we arrive at 11,880° viewed as two sets of “18” or a total digit sum of 1+1+8+8 = 18 or 2 sets of 18 as in 18 + 18 = 36 which in turn reflects, once again, the ETERNAL GOD without beginning or ending as in 360° in a circle. 

The earthly expression of the Holy City has a base perimeter of 18,000 cubits (Ezk. 48:35) and the declaration: “And the name of the city from that day shall   be:  THE LORD IS THERE” (viz., YHWH Shammah). 

The cubed perimeter of the heavenly New Jerusalem is calculated as:  12,000 furlongs X 12 edges of a cube = 144,000 linear furlongs X 660 ft. (1 furlong = 660 ft.) = 95,040,000 feet–(Rev. 21:16) (Note:  The distance in miles between our Earth and Sun is approximately 95,040,000 miles.) and 95,040,000 ft. ÷ 5,280 ft. (1 mile) = 18,000 miles. 

Finally, although this is a “bit over the top” – the “12” clearly delineated dates recorded on 12 separate occasions in Ezekiel—excluding the calendric accounting of the Feast Days in Ezekiel 45:18-25 add to 154 years (e.g., 13 + 6 + 7 + 9 + 11 + 10 + 27 + 11 + 11 + 12 + 12 + 25 = 154) X 360 degrees in a year’s elliptical orbit around the sun = 55,440 X 2 = 110,880 or our two sets of “18” once again. However, 5040/2 = 2520 which reflects the Hebrew Sacred Cubit of 25.20 inches. Oddly enough when all the years, months, and days are summed up they total 289 – and, as factors we find that 2 X 8 X 9 = 144 (just sayin’).

Thus, Ezekiel’s 18,000 cubits is a fractal of the 18,000-mile heavenly New Jerusalem.  Furthermore, when we eliminate the zeroes, we arrive at 18 + 18 = 36 which is, as previously stated, a fractal of the 360° of a circle, without beginning or ending, or the expression of the Eternal God, Who through the Son of God/Son of Man – our Messiah, brings heaven to earth and earth into heaven in eternal relationship and administration:  THE NEW JERUSALEM – the Bride of Messiah!

Footnote #1 – https://www.johnpratt.com/items/docs/captivity.html )

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